Summer Dreams

| February 16, 2014


Summer Dreams

Ms. Roman has crafted a warm, wonderful romance with characters who stick with you long after you close the cover. Reading SUMMER DREAMS was like going home after a long, long time away. I can’t wait for Ms. Roman’s next Encanto romance.

Where else but in her beloved New Mexico would Natalia Colon want to spend a summer—preferably in the strong arms of her macho childhood friend, Esteban Montalvo. But when she arrives home, hurting from a broken engagement, Natalia discovers her childhood pal has become a minor league baseball player who has ambitions to make the big league; and with his dark, athletic good looks, is attracting women like bees to honey. She fears he’d never be interested in a bookish school teacher like her. But how wrong she is! Esteban has been secretly in love with Natalia from the time they were children, but he worries his love isn’t good enough for her. Can he win Natalia’s heart . . . with a soul-searing romance that fulfills all of her summer dreams.

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