Be Mine, Miss Valentine

| February 17, 2014


Be Mine, Miss Valentine

USA Today bestselliing author Patricia Kay delivers a sexy romance that is lighthearted but still contains the emotional punch her readers have come to expect.

Playwright Alex Summerfield can’t wait to get away from New York City. From his devastating divorce to a difficult bout of writer’s block, his problems have made his life miserable. A working vacation in the quiet town of Juliette, New York is just the thing to get him back on track. The last thing he needs is to get stopped for speeding. And it certainly doesn’t help that the cop who stops him is a sexy, blue-eyed vixen who just happens to be the sheriff of Juliette.

Sheriff Veronica Valentine has heard of Alex Summerfield — of course, she has. She’s even seen a few of his shows, but she had no idea he was a tall, dark-haired, gorgeous hunk. When his gray eyes pin hers as he argues about the speeding ticket she’s writing, she knows he’s trouble. And when she discovers he’s the person who’s rented the carriage house at the back of the property where she lives, she is very much afraid trouble has just landed at her back door.

As the summer days begin to heat up, so does the attraction between Ronnie and Alex. And even as Ronnie encourages his progress on the new play, she tries to ignore the desire that swells whenever he’s near. All too soon, she knows, the season will end, and Alex will return to the city, leaving her with a broken heart and only the memory of a scorching summer passion.


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