Trapped: Original (Abridged) Edition (Bite-Sized Romance: Zombie Apocalypse)

| February 18, 2014


Trapped: Original (Abridged) Edition (Bite-Sized Romance: Zombie Apocalypse)

Serena is between a rock and a hard place.
A military experiment gone wrong has sent her world crashing down–along with everybody else’s–as a mysterious disease turns living, breathing, red-blooded people into mindless weapons of destruction.
Supplies have run so low that her husband leaves to find food and never returns.
Serena finds herself alone, preparing for inevitable death from starvation when her husband’s best friend, Steven, shows up to her rescue.After seeing his best friend turn, Steven knows what he must do: protect and save his old buddy’s wife, the only person he has left now that his whole family and everyone else he cared about is gone.
Only Serena is not just his undead best friend’s girl–Steven has had a secret crush on Serena for almost as long as he’s known her, doing everything in his power to hide it from his buddy while he was alive.
And now, at the horrible price of losing his best friend, he has a chance to be with her.

But would Serena ever give him a chance, given their circumstances? Or, considering the broken down state of the world and its rules, should he just take it?


WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for 18+. Also includes dominant/submissive themes with alpha male.

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