The Red Madonna

| February 19, 2014


The Red Madonna

Not just another sex-abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis

It’s worse. A lot worse.

It begins with a strange confession one Saturday morning and before it concludes more than just the ten commandments are broken.

Find yourself in the gripping stories of each person involved and what drives them.

˃˃˃ The Red Madonna always gets what she wants.

Color, style, confidence and beauty made Adelia the center of attention. Driven by her ambition she never let’s go of every opportunity for her to be ahead of the game.

˃˃˃ Will your man of God stand for what is right?

When a solid evidence of sex-abuse was presented against Fr. Michael Reilly he settles on an unorthodox response.

˃˃˃ He follows where his nose leads him.

Robert Mallory, like a good investigator does not easily believe in evidence. But when an evidence is so strong, will you still try to find out what you don’t expect?

If you read this before getting to sleep, be careful you might end up awake the whole night. Grab a copy now!


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