Think, Ask, Go (Repeat): Straight Talk for Success in Missions

In Think, Ask, Go (Repeat) – Straight Talk for Success in Missions, Naone shares hard-learned lessons about what is necessary to wrestle with and understand before you venture into the field of missions work. Through her often humorous experiences come the nitty-gritty realities that can be easily overlooked. Naone teaches us to not only think outside the box but to have the courage to remove the box altogether.

This book will challenge your thinking on missions and what it could be in the future. It offers thought provoking guidelines that are foundational to both personal and missions’ success. Think, Ask, Go (Repeat) challenges readers to dig deep, listen, and learn from every situation and mistake. It also shows:

• Why a clear vision is vital to success and how to develop it

• Awareness on how your mind can sabotage you by wanting to keep the status quo

• What listening really means

• The importance of good questions

• What real partnership looks like

• The importance of thinking about sustainability and legacy

It is in the synergy of each of these areas where those with a heart for missions—whether they are local or overseas—will experience an increase in their personal growth and leadership skills.