Through Red Mists and Recklessness to Cinderella Dogs

| February 20, 2014


Through Red Mists and Recklessness to Cinderella Dogs

In the very words of the author: ‘…whether you have an interest in dogs, or in ancient history that has rarely seen the light of day, or you just like a gripping adventure story with a touch of tear-jerking romance thrown in for good measure, then this is the book for you.’

At the age of five, Charlie – Chuck – Kemsley’s life changed beyond recognition when he was sent to a pro military-type boarding school, and soon after felt the ‘red mist’ of a rage that would follow him through his turbulent, but quite incredible life. But one thing stayed with him too: his passionate love of dogs and horses. In a life he calls ‘utopia’ he tells the story of becoming a master dog handler, of defying hierarchy and using that time-honoured training to help thousands of pet dogs, and the insane, circuitous route he took to get there.

He speaks also of Yvonne, his precious and indefatigable wife, who supported and tirelessly worked alongside him to bring both their dreams to fruition; hers being the love and care of what she called her, ‘Cinderella dogs’ – dogs in desperate need of a chance for a happy, safe life.

For 50 years his mentors and clients worldwide told him to write this book, so here it is, and it will surprise you. It’s not just a book about training dogs; it’s a humbling, tempestuous, and very moving account of the sheer love and passion, and indeed rage, of a man truly devoted to his work.

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