MORE True Time Travel Stories: Amazing Real Life Stories in The News

| February 20, 2014


MORE True Time Travel Stories: Amazing Real Life Stories in The News (Time Travel Books)

Time travel; it’s possible… Believe it!

The concept of time travel has a special place in the psyche of the human race. People seem to have an natural urge to gain the ability to travel in time.


For some, it’s obvious. There are all those “If only’s.”

“If only I could go back and correct that horrible mistake I made!”

“I only I would go back and tell the Titanic to steer clear of that iceberg!”

But there are other appeals as well:

“Wouldn’t it be great to go back and actually see the dinosaurs!”

“Imagine being able to have a conversation with Socrates!”

“Wouldn’t it be great if I could go back in time and find out the numbers for winning the lottery?”

And then there’s the future:

“I wonder what life will be like 100 years from now, 500 … a thousand? Will mankind make it?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if I could go into the future and bring back the cure for cancer?”

“Will we ever travel to the stars?”

Now for the first time in history, science and mysticism are coming full circle to meet in the middle. Many of the stunning precepts revealed by quantum mechanics, for example, now seem to bear out what the ancient Vedic texts, Buddhists and others have been holding for centuries — that the present way we have come to view time is not the way it is at all.

Since the days of Isaac Newton, who solidified classical physics, time has been viewed as something that moves like an arrow in one direction only — forward. From the present, the arrow of time shoots into the future. The past is where the arrow has already been, and there is never any going back there.

But Albert Einstein’s theories of General and Special Relativity changed all that. Einstein himself called time “an illusion.” Other great thinkers have said that time is not so much an illusion, but works in a much different way that Newton’s “arrow of time” would have us believe. Rather, quantum theory suggests that all time is like a swirling river, with eddies, holding ponds and backward flows — that the present is a “dynamic moment” with the past and future enfolded into the “Now.”

That may mean that the present is like the “control point” of time. From the present, it may be possible to go backwards and forward in time. Maybe we can jump into the river of time and paddle backwards or forward as we please — if we can just find the key to doing so.

Buddhist and Hindu thought has always maintained the same concept. These traditions view time as an “eternal moment.” The concept of “timelessness” is a major element of these ancient traditions, which appear in other cultures as well.

What this suggests is that the ultimate time machine may be the human brain itself. Our place in time — and our ability to move backwards and forward in time — may be controlled by the fulcrum of the brain, and how it chooses to manipulate the flow of consciousness.

So what is the ultimate method of time travel — the astral travel, meditation and lucid dream practice of the mystically inclined — or the electronic gadgets, wires, electromagnets, lasers and physical matters manipulators of the scientifically inclined?

In this book, you’ll find plenty of examples of both. Then you can decide.

Contents Include:

* Lucid Time Travel

* Astral Time Travel

* Time Machines

* Quantum Jumping

* Time Travel Tomb

* Mallet’s Time Machine


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