American Crow

| February 20, 2014


American Crow is a fast-paced thriller, following the exploits of hard-man London tracer, Sibelius Blake, a guy who finds people and a whole heap of trouble with it.

In this, the inaugural mystery of the new ‘Missing Series’, the street-wise detective finds himself on a quest to the U.S in the search for wayward British teenager, Olivia Deacon – a girl who looks uncannily like the daughter he’s only just lost.

And maybe she’s just fallen in with the wrong company at the wrong time, and that’s enough to get her killed? And maybe Blake will have to go through his toughest challenge yet, in order to bring her back safely to her father, if he is who he seems.

In the dark, brooding mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the private detective will soon find out, will soon discover if he’s still got what it takes to wrap up a difficult case. But along the way he may have to undertake a journey of painful redemption in order to come out of the other side with his sanity intact.

And no one, but no one, stands in the way of Lyle Corrigan, a ruthless mining tycoon who has an appetite for destruction, a lust for power, and a voracious hunger for innocent young girls, who may have wandered unwittingly, into his dark domain…

American Crow is an ‘International Crime & Mystery’ bestseller and an e-thriller book of the month.

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