Harley & Dog

| February 21, 2014


Harley & Dog

A book for children of all ages. Harley is 75 years old and he is forced into mandatory retirement from his job as a meter reader for the town. He can’t stop walking so he spends his days picking up trash around town and finds a clue in the litter to the kidnapping of two children.He tries to talk to the cops about it, but he’s just another old senior citizen and they don’t pay any attention, so he has no other choice but do it himself.

Author’s note: While this book is a mystery, it is much sweeter than the B.B. Rivers series. It is probably written for a much younger audience than those who read B.B. Maybe the “Harry Potter” kids, but heck, I read all Rowling’s books.

Back in another lifetime, I used to read meters for the city of Austin. I walked six miles a day, five days a week, and was in about as good a shape as I’ve ever been, and City was paying me for it. Harley is a little bit of me, I suppose, but also the fellow I trained with to take over his route was a lot like Harley. Dog, his pet raccoon came from someone else I knew. One of the nice things about being a fiction writer is, you can make it up as you go along.

“Harley” is a new series for me. Look for “Harley & The Bottle House” coming soon


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