Crawl Space Guru (Home Improvement)

| February 21, 2014


Crawl Space Guru (Home Improvement)

This publication is intended to provide helpful information material about fixing your crawl space. I had all the problems in my crawl space such as standing water, mold, odor, insects, small animals and more…

I checked out everything on the internet and did extensive research for the best possible ways to fix a crawl space. So this book will save you all the time I spent in this endeavor.

Just follow the plans of this book and you should have no problem of turning your nasty crawl space into a nice clean encapsulated space under your house. I have found what works, why and where to the the materials and at the most reasonable prices.

Houses with crawl space moisture problems are health risks. Especially if they have mold in them. The toxic air coming up through the floors can be dangerous. We now have the technology to fix these problems. If you have a crawl space with major moisture, mold and odor problems you need to fix it now. Don’t delay any longer.


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