A Lovely Prison (The Asulon Trilogy)

| February 21, 2014


A Lovely Prison (The Asulon Trilogy)

World’s first book with a QR barcode original soundtrack with music selected by the author and delivered over the web.

Dystopia, is a matter
of perspective.


Jack has strange and
vivid dreams, talks in odd languages and is a typical girl chasing, booze
drinking, coast along the universe boy.
Though his sister Lucy is concerned about what the dreams might mean,
Jack just wants to live his life free and easy.


Lucy has dilemmas of
her own, work hard, travel, meet the
perfect man. With all these lovely distractions, how can reality ever
break its way in?


Stephen is an enigma,
and Lucy does love a mystery, but some
mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.


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