Dragon Attack: (The Lost Dragonslayer Trilogy: Book Two)

| February 21, 2014


Dragon Attack: (The Lost Dragonslayer Trilogy: Book Two)


After defeating the demons and hellhounds of Travass Isegurad, Michael Prim races toward another confrontation with the sorcerer. Nicole’s curse drives her into isolation. Her friends fight to save her. The Rift between Blue Point and the magic world disintegrates, taking innocent lives during the chaos and releasing deadly creatures into a modern world unprepared for dragon war.

Can a helicopter chain gun take down a dragon?

Can the SWAT team survive an ambush set by sorcerers?

Does Michael’s Dragonborn girlfriend resist the magic that will make them enemies?

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About the Author

Scott Moon has sixteen years of law enforcement experience and has been a member of various special teams, task forces, and homicide investigations. He began writing fantasy and science fiction at an early age. Many years and millions of words later, he has combined fantasy, suspense, and police procedural genres into something truly unique.


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