The Great American Jerky Cookbook

| February 22, 2014


The Great American Jerky Cookbook: A simple guide to making your own authentic jerky with 52 delicious jerky marinade recipes

Using this simple book, you will be ready to start making your own jerky quickly and easily.

The Great American Jerky Cookbook contains 52

recipes for delicious jerky marinades and simple, easy to follow instructions for making your own jerky at home.

This guide covers equipment you may need, including how to use your home oven for jerky makin’. It also covers the best types of meats to use and which to avoid. You will learn how to prepare and cut the meat for the most tender jerky, how to use marinades, how to dry the meat, how to test jerky to make sure it is done, and how to store it.

The marinade recipes include:

Good Ol’ Fashion Jerky

Teriyaki Jerky

Pepper Hot Jerky

Cowboy Jerky

Barbecue Jerky

Sweet and Sour Jerky

Hawaiian Jerky

Alabama Honey Jerky

and many more.


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