| February 22, 2014



Will Terrorists Attacks like 9/11 happen again?

Unfortunately, the terrorist’s attacks will be much more devastating than the 9/11 the next time, unless the world did something about terrorists! You may be totally unaware of what is happening on the other side of the world!

While the World sleeps, terrorists are gaining strength in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is because the USA is going to repeat the same mistake, which it made after Russian-Afghanistan War. CIA and ISI created Mujahedeens to fight Russians, but then abandoned them without disbanding them after the war was over. This led terrorists gaining state of Afghanistan and then launching terrorist attacks in New York, London and around the world.

In the next few months the ISAF forces will start withdrawal while the terrorists will be regrouping and gaining strength in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Newly created military force will crumble with the first attack by the war hardened Talibans. There is only one country, which stands between terrorists and the rest of the world, Pakistan. More than 50,000 thousand innocent Pakistani civilians and more than 3,000 security personnel have already sacrificed their lives to keep terrorists at bay. But the Pakistan is becoming weak and fragile and may not be able to stop terrorists for long due to its failing economy, risk of mutiny in military, and terrorists’ sympathisers.

The author, Meem Zaal Jeem, gets to the core of the problem – Why people are turned into terrorists? Why they are willing to kill innocent men, women and children in cold blood? Will the terrorists be able to take over Nuclear Weapons of Pakistani military and cause a Third World War? The author identifies many fault lines among which the most important is Pakistani economy which is failing. He shows how by improving Pakistani economy quickly, the state could reduce terrorism significantly. He proposes many easy to implement solutions which will disable Terrorist Networks quickly and at the same time improve economy in a few months. He then goes on to explain how to defeat terrorism for good by getting to the core ‘The beliefs System’ of terrorists. He suggests many other quick fixes to improve policing, health, and education systems. The author believes that to make the world a safe place for everyone, the world needs to stand behind Pakistan so it could fight terrorism.

The author is fiercely critical of USA, IMF, and United Nations policies, which keep the Third World poor and in turn destabilise the world peace!

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