Ice Escape

John wants to be part of the first family to fly around the world. Colin wants to stay at home, not sail out on a fishing trawler into the Arctic Ocean where his father drowned.
But one little accident leads to disaster, and that means the boys have to overcome their fears to meet far from home, in one of the coldest, harshest places on earth.

‘… a great yarn for intermediate age kids, both boys and girls … full of detail of life on both the plane and the boat …’ M.F. Crowl, review of the first edition.

‘… well written and full of suspense and drama … The book would suit those of all ages who like adventure stories.’ Dion Perry, review of the first edition.

‘A ripping adventure. Evocative. For all children under 105. I sat riveted from beginning to end.’ Carol S. Child, review of the first edition.

Meet Beatrice Hale

Beatrice Hale is Aberdeen born and bred, but now lives in New Zealand where she draws on the vibrant tales from her family history for her books for adults and children.