The Perception Transformation

| February 23, 2014


The Perception Transformation: How to Transform The Reality By Understanding Our Perception

Do you know that two people can have completely different viewpoint when are in the same exact circumstances?

Do you know how a person can be so positive and optimistic even when they are facing the most difficult time of their life?

Do you know by changing your perception will also change your whole reality?

Yes, it is true. I call this ” The Perception Transformation “

Our senses are our initial and most direct means of gathering information from the world. We see objects, light, shadows, darkness and colors. We hear the rush of the wind, the roar of thunder and the caring voices of the ones we love. We smell the sweet scent of flowers and the freshness of the air. We taste savory dishes from the world over, and delectable desserts which make our mouths water. We hold hands with others around us, and we feel the warmth of a winter’s night fire.

Beyond our five most basic senses, we have learn to understand and comprehend the sights, sounds and smells which are all around us. We have learned to process it in ways, which are beyond remarkable, and have developed senses, which are much more advanced than those that allow us to collate the signals which we receive from the world around us.

In this book, we will discuss in detail on “the power of our perception”. We will take a closer look at how each person perceives the sights and sounds he/she receives in a way which is quite different from others. We will discuss the importance of perception in our understanding of what reality is, and we will also take a look at some real examples that will consolidate your understanding of the importance of perception.

We will discuss the various experiences, which each of us gains from life, and which ultimately shapes our view of the world. Our thoughts are perhaps the most crucial components of our ability to perceive and we will explore how the way our mind works affects our perception.

This book has been composed to help you achieve a better understanding of your world and how you perceive the things around you. Only through a proper understanding of perception can you learn to see the light, even in the darkest of times. By altering what you perceive as negative experiences, you can alleviate your negative emotions and your self-imposed restriction on leading a happy and healthy life.


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