The Explosive Nature of Friendship (The Greek Village Series Book 3)

| February 23, 2014


The Explosive Nature of Friendship (The Greek Village Series Book 3)

Do you like books about people? Then you’ll love this intimate portrait of a man searching for meaning…

Set in an idyllic Greek village, with a backdrop of sea and sun, this book will transport you…

Mitsos has spent the last twenty years trying to comes to terms with the events of a single day and all that led up to it. In his twilight years a surprising turn of events gives him a chance to rectify his biggest wrong and give himself the peace he is seeking.

But is what he has wanted for the last twenty years what he still wants now and is he the man he thought he was?

Set against a backdrop of a small Greek farming village, comedy and tragedy are present in equal measures.

Sara transports you to a land of sea and sun as she explores what it means to be human, and fallible.

The book examines the nature of friendship, and how our choices and our perceptions of our place in society can define us.

>>> This is the 4th book in the Greek village series and they just keep getting better. – Julie A. Tipton “Kansas Book Girl” (Geneseo, KS)

>>> I couldn’t put this book down – Epithet, Amazon

>>> This series is one of the best I have read – Diane Zabriskie (PACOIMA, CALIFORNIA, US)

Buy now and transport yourself to the Greek islands!


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