Winter Kill (A Donovan Burke Novel)

| February 23, 2014


Winter Kill (A Donovan Burke Novel)

The deaths of a priest, a psychologist, and a young woman, all apparently due to natural causes, puzzle Homicide Detective Donovan Burke. Were their deaths really due to natural causes, or something more sinister?

Discovering that a bell was found beside each of the bodies, Burke searches for a connection, a search that leads him to Kristi Nelson. Are the deaths, as they seem, merely coincidence? Burke doesn’t think so, but if a clever killer is roaming the streets of Des Moines, is Kristi Nelson his next victim?

As the holidays come to a close and a New Year’s Eve blizzard envelops the city, it’s a race against time, but time is running out for Kristi. Fleeing for her life, she races through the city’s skywalks, unaware that down on the streets, the police are in a race of their own – a race to avert another winter kill.


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