Mr. Kite And The Perilous Flight

| February 23, 2014


Mr. Kite And The Perilous Flight (The Adventures Of Izzy And Daisy)

The life of a kite must be a marvelous thing; riding high on the wind, enjoying the vast and beautiful views down below. Unless, of course, you are a kite who is afraid of heights! To Cornelius J. Kite, even a footstool is too high, and all this business of outdoor fun…well, he doesn’t want any part of it.

In this non- stop, mad adventure we follow the reluctant Mr. Kite as he endures a typical dreaded outing at the hands of Izzy, a fearless, fun loving little girl and her best friend, Daisy, who are determined to get him flying as high as he can go!

MR. KITE AND THE PERILOUS FLIGHT is a wild ride, a humorous, 86 page rhyming picture book, narrated in first person by Mr. Kite himself. It is told as much by vividly colorful, richly detailed illustrations.


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