English for the Eager Learners: Writing and Learning English Grammar

| February 24, 2014


English for the Eager Learners: Writing and Learning English Grammar

This only book will benefit readers in three ways: 1. to know the methods of studying the language, 2. to understand the reasons behind the rules, 3. to get the really current, complete and up-dated information about modern English grammar and writing. There are 29 tutorial videos to help readers understand the lessons. Every lesson will deliver some valuable hidden knowledge to the learners, who will find themselves turning much brighter in a short time. Readers can download 5 chapters for free at http://mariaenglishsociety.hk/ebook/

About the Author

Ira Boone is the founder of Maria English Society. It is a God’s gift to the author, a special piece of luck, which has held for more than 60 years in his effort to study English. At the beginning, as anybody else, he felt the more he learned, the more he was confused with seemingly contradictory information. But, as luck would have it, he in the end uncovered the ultimate secrets of learning the language in a complete whole. The author has read countless grammar books, old and modern, and come to the conclusion that they all have done only half of their job by just explaining the 8 parts of speech as well as listing out the rules of the language. And these, in reality, mean not much to the students. Now, the author in his book “English for the Eager Learners” has completed the job with other more important half of the work of guiding the students to learn, training them to think and develop their memory, and particularly letting them understand the reasons behind the grammatical rules.


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