The Olympus Key (The Olympus Conspiracy)

| February 24, 2014


The Olympus Key (The Olympus Conspiracy)

When ex-journalist Peter York is called to the hospital bedside of his ailing former boss, William Ardell, wealthy publisher of the Toronto World newspaper, he is offered a strange job: find the woman who visited Ardell’s hospital room that morning and bring her back to talk to Ardell. The woman has said something to Ardell that he will not reveal. The price for this service: a half million dollars. More curious than anything, Peter York agrees to try and find this mystery woman. An hour later he finds her, only to watch helplessly as she is run over by a black SUV that escapes. Thinking that the investigation is over, he returns to Ardell’s hospital room to give his former employer the bad news. That is when he discovers what the dead woman actually said to Ardell, and why he was so desperate to find her.

And the search is on…


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