Yes, YOU Can Refinance!

| June 28, 2012


Learn how you can refinance even if your mortgage is underwater. Even if you have been turned down in the past, or you were not able to refinance under the original HARP program. There are new rules and regulations that allow homeowners to refinance even if they are underwater.

On March 17th 2012 HARP 2.0 went into effect. This new program does not require certain loan-to-value ratios to refinance. With this new version of HARP you can refinance with better terms and or a lower interest rate, no matter how much you owe on your home. Even if the value has declined drastically.

This book will also walk you through the loan process and explain how to understand your mortgage so that you can shop around and get the best interest rate and the lowest fees. If you have ever been confused by the mortgage process and the different programs available, this book will help you get the answers you have been looking for.

Have an FHA loan? No problem, we also explain FHA loans and the new FHA Streamline Refinance option. We also breakdown and explain mortgage insurance, and what you need to know to get the best FHA Streamline option, or if the option is right for you at all.

Are you a new home buyer or do you need to brush up on mortgage procedures to get a refinance. We have a chapter for you. We break down all of the terms and things you need to know to understand the mortgage process and control the outcome of your mortgage loan.

This book is also filled with little tips and tricks and advice for getting the best deal and going about mortgage financing the right way. We also supply a list or resources and calculators so you can calculate if the deal you are being offered is worth your time or not.

We also link to tons of useful websites that will help you find any additional information about these new government programs, that you may need. We also link to several useful mortgage and real estate websites. Don’t be at the mercy of realtors and banks. Take charge of your finances and your future by becoming the one in charge when choosing a mortgage loan.

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