No Way to Die (Danny Logan Mystery #2)

| February 25, 2014


No Way to Die (Danny Logan Mystery #2)

Danny Logan is back in action in the second installment of the Danny Logan Mystery series!

Praise for No Way to Die . . .

“Like his first thriller, this is set in Seattle, and his descriptions almost make me want to visit. Do yourself a favor and read both this fine story and its predecessor. You’ll find they are both page turners you won’t want to put down.”
Robert Marsh
Book Reviewer

“Great characters and a believable storyline with good twists. I’ll be looking for more books to come out in this series.”
James D. Triplett
Book Reviewer

Danny Logan, Toni Blair, and the rest of the Logan PI crew are back in action. They’re investigating the supposed suicide of a famous mathematician – a man who was on the brink of revealing a new set of encryption protocols that could rock the world. But if they’re right – if it was murder, not suicide, then whoever did the killing must be highly skilled and highly motivated – exactly the type of someone who would not appreciate being investigated. And, if that someone had already killed once, they’d have no trouble killing again to prevent Logan from uncovering the truth.

If you enjoy the intrigue of Gone, Baby, Gone, the wit of Janet Evanovich, the wisdom of Travis McGee and the roller coaster action of Magnum P.I., you are going to LOVE No Way to Die!

“Detailed forensic passages engage the curious reader, and fast actions keeps things moving.”
Kirkus Reviews
Book Reviewer

“I started reading this book not thinking that I would finished it. What a very pleasant surprise. I couldn’t stop reading it and hated when it ended. A must read and loved this book. Written very well and great job of being different.”
AB Jones
Book Reviewer

Be on the lookout for Mona Lisa Eyes, the newest Danny Logan adventure due for release in September!


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