Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

| February 28, 2014


Maggie Mouse Can't Sleep (Maggie Mouse Picture Books for Children)

‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ is a sweet rhyming short picture book about a young girl mouse that can’t fall asleep because she is afraid of monsters. ‘Momma’ tries every trick in the book to help Maggie get some rest, but nothing works… until she remembers just the thing that does the trick.

‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ was written for children 0-3 years old, but early readers love it too!  Children’s active imagination can really turn trivial things, such as shadows or noises, into very scary events. ‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ will help address those worries in a fun-entertaining short story.

The story in this short children’s book is beautifully told through rhymes and cute illustrations.
‘Maggie Mouse Can’t Sleep’ is a perfect gift for new parents, parents with young kids, and for early readers.


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