Prime Your Mind For Weight Loss

| February 28, 2014


Prime Your Mind For Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight When Your Brain Wants To Make You Fat

A Scientist’s Secret for Losing Weight Without Exercise or Dieting

If you are looking for help and ideas on how to lose weight quickly you may find success with this unusual method. There seems to be a new ‘losing weight fast’ book, fad diet or exercise machine invented every day, yet there are more overweight people now than ever before. So why do these traditional approaches fail more than they succeed? It may be your brain is sabotaging your best efforts. Your brain can literally be programmed to make you fat. . . or make you lose weight.

Latest advances in neuroscience are revealing that we have been primed to crave fatty foods by evolution. The problem is simple. We eat too much because we are wired that way. No matter how hard you try, your willpower is tiny compared to your brain power. Finally, a breakthrough in weight loss proves you can lose weight without exercise or crazy diets by simply rewiring your inner script and priming your mind to naturally lose weight. Your brain will actually do all the work for you automatically, without you even thinking about it!

At a weight loss clinic in Louisiana, a behavioral scientist conducted an investigation into how to lose weight using mind priming stimulation. He used a special audio on his patients that contained secret weight loss messages as part of a behavior modification diet plan. One woman lost 100 pounds in 12 months without exercise. In a follow up study, 50% of the patients maintained at least half of their weight loss for up to two years after finishing the program, while 23% maintained 75-100% of their weight loss.

“Forget the hype of the how to lose weight fast schemes”, says Paul A. Williams. “The surest, safest way to lose weight is gradually, easily, day-by-day and never risking your health with fat loss pills, crash diets or surgery”. A recent study at Boston University uncovered the mechanism that primes the subconscious mind and proves the brain is capable of changing without a lot of effort. Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author of ‘Blink’ says “Priming is not like brainwashing, I cannot program you to rob a bank for me. On the other hand, the effects of priming are not trivial”.

In this groundbreaking book, Paul A. Williams reveals the secret of changing your thoughts, attitudes, feelings and behaviors faster and more easily than ever before. Paul even goes one step further and provides you with a unique download link to your very own weight loss audio. This specially designed mind technology is even more advanced than was originally used at the weight loss clinic and will help you become the slim, happy person you want to become – without thinking.

If you are looking for answers on how to lose weight quickly, this unique approach may work for you too. . . easily, painlessly and permanently! A breakthrough program that could help end your overeating, PRIME YOUR MIND FOR WEIGHT LOSS gives you the tools you need to lose weight when your brain wants to make you fat.


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