The Granddaughters

Underestimated by crooks and cops alike, three “over-the-hill” women become formidable amateur sleuths when they find themselves entangled in a decades-old, unsolved crime.

Mystery writer Ellie Russo invites her cousins Sandy McCabe and Franny Baker to join her, as she travels to picturesque Orange Lake in Newburgh, New York to research a story for her newest book.

Looking forward to staying in the lake house their grandmother once owned, the mini-reunion turns dangerous for these “women of an age”, when they become targets of the criminals they seek to expose.

Having overcome personal loss, and suffering from ailments not uncommon to older women, Ellie, Sandy, and Franny find that age has not diminished their strength or personal capabilities, and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect each other – including murder.

Meet Margaret Belle

Margaret Belle has written three other novels prior to THE GRANDDAUGHTERS. She lives in Central New York where she is a wife, the mother of three sons and grandmother to seven. She was a high school Biology teacher, and has owned and operated an small advertising agency since 1983. She is a home baker who was the NYS Culinary Champion in 2012. Before that, she was honored to be name an Unsung Heroine by the National Organization of Women for leadership in business. Now 75-years-old, her next novel is well underway!