Finding Chloe (The Leah Ryan Thrillers – Book 2)

| February 28, 2014


Finding Chloe (The Leah Ryan Thrillers - Book 2)

An exotic dancer vanishes from the underbelly of the city. Repo agent and reformed car thief Leah Ryan has a knack for rescue, and she’s a sucker for a lost cause.

Unable to turn away from helping find a stripper whose disappearance many are indifferent to, Leah soon discovers that there are those who would keep Chloe Nolan from being found, and that there is far more to her disappearance than meets the eye.

This is the second book in the Leah Ryan series. Leah also appears in the short novel Jacked Up, which also features Lieutenant Jack Daniels, written in collaboration with J.A Konrath.

Author Note: Thanks so much for reading. I’ve updated the book, and taken out a lot of the extraneous sex. Hope you enjoy!


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