The Fleeing Company (The Drifters’ Road: Part One)

Can Adroegen save his friends, the only family he has left?

Adroegen was but a lonely drifter in a world of dragons, wizards, fairies, and countless other creatures. He had lost all of his family as a child, under the evil lord Vyroun and his servant, the goblin chief. Thus, Adroegen did not believe that a higher power named Enilundar, the world’s creator, watched over him. Among his discoveries while drifting about was a hidden village that Adroegen found by chance some years back, where he made some friends there that were alike to him, also without their true families.

However, one day when he visits, Adroegen is followed by the goblin chief and his pack, who raze the village and leave none alive except for his friends. Adroegen learns that Vyroun, after a mysterious decade long absence in the north, has returned and seeks his head. First, however, the goblin chief orders Adroegen to return the Night’s Jewel to him, a jewel said to rally foul creatures of the night to Vyroun, which Adroegen took from the goblin chief years ago. If Adroegen does not return it, the goblin chief will hunt and slay his friends…

Meet Kyle

Kyle Andrew McCurry is the author of The Fleeing Company and The Tempter’s Bane, the first two books of The Drifters’ Road fantasy book series. He was born and raised in southeast Michigan. Kyle is one with a hobby for storytelling and reading literature from the past, which led to him becoming an author. Among his favorite writers are J.R.R. Tolkien, Snorri Sturluson, Hans Christian Andersen, and George MacDonald, and among his books are European myths, fairytales, and sagas from long ago. When not reading or writing, Kyle spends his time watching movies, making homemade fudge that was passed down from his grandfather, and following the Detroit Red Wings, his favorite sports team.