The Masters Speak, Twenty-Seven Dialogues: The Himalayan Journals

The dialogues presented in this book are transcribed from explorer M.G. Hawking’s journals and field notes chronicling his conversations with extraordinary men and women he encountered in a remote region of the Himalayas, allowing readers to experience first-hand their expressions of the fundamental knowledge, essential principles of consciousness and specific practices that can enable unparalleled abilities and powers, ones not normally recognized or accepted in the Western world as part of the field of human activity.
5-Star Reviews: “What a rare resource! Hawking brings together an important anthology from an amazing number of adepts, masters … with whom he engaged during a five-year trip to the Himalayas. I took pages of notes; highly beneficial for anyone on the path to enlightenment.” — “Nothing else like this out there! Absolutely mind blowing. I am a long time student of the ‘occult’ and this book’s knowledge far surpasses anything I have ever read in over 50 years of reading! Made abstract concepts clear. Truly life changing for me.” — “Masters Speak is an amazing read; the book is riveting.”
“The knowledge and techniques presented in this book arise directly from the esoteric teachings of profoundly enlightened individuals. If studied with patience and fully integrated into your core belief system, these teachings will lay the foundation necessary to enable you to acquire abilities that most people would say are unbelievable or even impossible. Yet nothing explained in this volume is supernatural or beyond the ability of a properly equipped individual. These abilities are not miracles. Quite the contrary. They do not require any capacities that are not inherent in the human species as a whole, if those capacities are properly recognized and developed. These discourses are intended for those whose passion for knowledge has instilled an enduring aspiration to see things whole, to pursue the deepest understanding of consciousness and our true place and power in the Universe.” —M.G. Hawking
For untold millenniums this knowledge has been known only to a privileged few, revelations long concealed from the world at large. As entertaining as it is enlightening, this is an incomparable book for anyone on a spiritual path or seeking greater knowledge and personal power. 2021 Edition, e-reader page count 405 (estimated, varies with the reading device). Includes Reference Citations and a Supplemental Material Section. A Kindle Unlimited Book. For more information please see the ‘Look Inside’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

Meet M.G. Hawking and Jenna Wolfe Ph.D.

M.G. Hawking is an avid traveler, adventurer, and writer. Devoted to exploring remote areas of the globe to discover regions unknown to the Western world, always in search of extraordinary people and experiences, he has found many, especially in the Great Range of the Himalayas, the setting for most of his books. His focus is documenting profound wisdom traditions and revealing the knowledge and power they convey. Hawking is the author of the book series, ‘In The Valley of Supreme Masters,’ along with its associated companion volumes. When not traveling, he spends his time working on projects related to presenting books of an esoteric nature with his wonderful team in Northern California. Heather Cantrell, M.Litt., contributor and editor for Wisdom Masters Press, is an experienced world traveler. Having been born in Nepal to British parents who were teachers in various parts of Asia, she has extensive experience in the Himalayas, and is a devoted equestrian and animal lover. Amber Chellings, M.Phil., contributor and newsletter director, is an avid photographer, outdoor enthusiast and ardent equestrian. Jenna Wolfe, Ph.D., our exceptional research expert, contributor and book content supervisor, is a primary link to our numerous academic technical advisers.