Summerland is a publication of my journal out cherry picking and working in the Okanagan Valley, situated in British Columbia, Canada. It is a snippet of my 2021 summer, and I was surprised to find the sub-culture of cherry picking surrounded by partying and interesting characters from across Canada. This book takes a deep-dive into the everyday life on the cherry farm, as it was through my eyes. 2021 was a bad year for wild-fires in British Columbia, and it is the sad undertone of this journal that throughout the story there are fires burning in the hillsides.

“The kids at the park seem to not mind the smoke. I feel that’s unanimous to kids. They can have fun whenever they are, with minimal care or concern. It’s admirable. In some way’s kids are better at living in the moment than adults, a lost art we have to try re-teach ourselves later in life”

“I have come to love the morning light and being out when the sun comes up. I like watching the light change, the day change, and things come into colour. As outlines take form and a definition begins to take place upon everything with the unfolding of the day”

Meet Ryan Egglestone

Author Bio:

Ryan Egglestone has travelled to 60 countries by age 25.

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