Stunning Portrait Photography

| March 3, 2014


Stunning Portrait Photography - Posing and Lighting! (On Target Photo Training)

Stunning Portrait Photography – Posing and Lighting is everything you need to know to COMPLETELY master portrait photography!

PLUS it is easy to read – easy to understand and so well illustrated that even the greenest of rookies will understand!

Here are the Table Of Contents. Look at everything that is covered!


Arms – Elongating And Foreshortening

The Plane!

The 4 Positions Of The Upper Arm

The Forearm “Trap!”

The Hand – Bold and Tapered Poses

Bold Hand Poses – Masculine

Tapered Hand Poses – Feminine

Eleven Ways To Pose The Hands!

Use A Prop

On The Chin

At The Lapel Or Neckline

On The Hip

On The Opposite Arm

On Top Of – Or Behind – The Head

At The Waistline

In The Pocket

At The Side

On The Lap Or The Knee

Leaning On An Object

The Head And Shoulders Portrait

Positioning The Head

Full Face


Three Quarter Head

Directing The Model

The Horizontal Turn

Vertical Lift Or Drop

Diagonal Tilt

Correcting Facial Flaws With Head Position

Photographing The Face

Moveable Parts

The Pupil

4 Ways To Avoid Squinting And Closed Eyes

Shoot With The Light At The Subject’s Back

Shoot Later In The Day

1 – 2 – 3!

Bounce Or Diffuse Your Flash

The Mouth






Lighting The Portrait

The Shadow In Portrait Photography

The “Short Light” And The “Broad Light” Patterns

The “Split Light”

The “Loop Lighting” Pattern

The “Rembrandt Light”

The “Butterfly Light” Pattern

The “Fill Light”!

The “Lighting Ratios”

The “Background Light”

The “Hair Light”

The “Accent Light”

The “Three Light Set” Using One Light!

Eliminate The Dreaded “Red Eye!”

The “Photographic Ground Modification System”

Additional Photo Training

This one has it all! read through this volume of the “On Target Photo Training” course and within about an hour you will never look at portrait photography the same way again. Want to start winning photo contests? Want to hear “oohs and aahs” when people look at YOUR photos?

You’ve come to the right place. Get started right now – you won’t look back!


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