Solar 30

| March 3, 2014


Solar 30

NEW RELEASE! Action packed, Organized Crime, Government Mystery with Romantic twists. Giveaway…4.75 Ratings (GoodReads)!

“She was ashamed of remembering the smell of his blood on her hands, although she was uncertain whether blood even had a smell.”

A President elected in 2036 presents a solution to the country’s economic woes by instituting a “Wealth Tax” through a constitutional amendment. By the year 2043, ‘Solar 30’ unleashes ‘Traverse Travel’, creating groundbreaking land travel linking New York with Youngstown, Ohio funded by the new tax. Revolutionizing transportation of commerce while planning to allow Americans to cross the country in ninety minutes, the technology has the nation excited.

Youngstown is booming with holographic advertising, amazing skywalks, malls, casinos and restaurants supplying spectacular views ten stories off the ground with tourists flocking to see ‘the future’. The next stop is Chicago. But has the United States government gone too far in supporting progress? And how is organized crime involved?

As two university students observe the Christmas decorations hovering as holograms above the bar mirrors, they have no idea the fateful night might shape history. The beautiful Anna Miles, a senior in college set to finish at the top of her class, suffers heartbreak and devastation as she seeks revenge. Anna works with the sophisticated Joey Sans to uncover government secrets from the past leading to present day events. Joey, a graduate of Columbia with a law degree from Yale, discovers more about the ghost of his father’s politics while being reintroduced to a romantic face from his past.

Together, they face the challenge of keeping the nation on a straight and narrow path as the journey leads them into dangerous territories with corruption going high into government offices with every turn leading to more questions and suspense.

With the United States economy thriving, the country’s stability depends on the continued success of the President’s program. Certain men would do anything to ensure success. The future is bright, but the bumps in the road could lead the nation back into darker times.

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