Prime Your Mind for Sleep

| March 4, 2014


Prime Your Mind for Sleep : How to fall asleep when your brain wants to keep you awake

A Scientist’s Secret for Falling Asleep Without Pills or Silly Sleep Rules

If you suffer from insomnia, problems getting to sleep or simply staying asleep, learning how to fall asleep without having to rely on drugs can be life changing for you. Silly sleep rules handed out by well meaning friends and family and even ‘gurus’ can be no more effective than old wives tales and urban myths and can even make you more sleep deprived. Have you tried only going to bed when sleepy, not drinking coffee after 2pm, and keeping a sleep diary but are still finding it difficult or near impossible to get a half decent night’s sleep?

Being sleep deprived can be a frustrating and lonely battle especially when nobody takes it seriously. Although some sleep tips and methods to cure insomnia can help, most fail because they all share one big problem – they attempt to consciously solve what is a subconscious problem.

Scientists have recently made a breakthrough in neurology and discovered what they believe to be the #1 cause of insomnia. Using an EEG machine to assess the brainwave imprints of almost 30,000 people from around the world, an unexpected pattern began to emerge. The shocking evidence revealed a difference in the brains of easy sleepers and insomnia sufferers. A recent study at Boston University uncovered the mechanism that primes the subconscious mind and proves the brain is capable of changing without a lot of effort.

In this groundbreaking sleep program, Paul A. Williams goes beyond the standard helpful tips and shares the breakthrough in neurology to end the devastating suffering. Explaining how physical imprints in the brain can be responsible for keeping you awake and how the new technology of mind priming can help make the neural changes necessary for optimal sleep. “This could help explain why some people can break all the sleep rules and still fall asleep within minutes, yet insomnia sufferers who follow every rule still can’t sleep” explains Paul A. Williams. “Their brains are literally keeping them awake! I’ve used this priming on myself to help me sleep better”.

If you are looking for answers on how to fall asleep faster and how to sleep better for longer, this unique approach may work for you too.

A breakthrough program that could help end your suffering, PRIME YOUR MIND FOR SLEEP gives you the tools you need to fall asleep when your brain wants to keep you awake.


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