What Would It Be?

If you can see someone with your own eyes, feel the warmth of their skin on yours, surely that means the person is real. Doesn’t it? The vast majority of people are not aware of The Foundation, the oldest and most powerful organisation on Earth. In order to maintain a stable society, it needs to keep its existence, and the secret it protects, out of the public eye. Since its conception, the organisation’s leaders have secretly overseen humanity for thousands of years. For as long as Liam Collins could remember, his dream had been to follow in his parents’ footsteps. A year ago he left the army to follow his dreams. He will soon be starting a new job within The Foundation, protecting the most important person on the planet. Liam grew up knowing aspects of everyday life weren’t as they seemed, but he will soon find himself caught up in the middle of events far beyond his imagination.

Meet J N Wood

J N Wood is the author of six books, all of them still available on Amazon. He lives in Yorkshire, UK, with his wife, daughter and two cats.