Boot on Neck

KAREN KELLOCK ON SOCIAL PSYCH: BOOT ON NECKTrauma results in collapsed boundaries and morals. Almost unaware It’s a vicious thing for girls. Without a home, personal boundaries or morals she falls into a pit becoming whatever AFFECTS her. But now I understand why I couldn’t’ stand my peers and each generation gets worse for sure. These people are heedless, careless, selfish, callous, a dirty dish mess, gross social princesses. Wicked men hypnotizing weak women in their houses: He has nothing, she gladly gives him all that’s hers. They will do anything they can to you, anything they can get away with. Do not trust one my dearest. For we’re in an entirely new world. See Seattle, San Diego worse than a third world slum. Come Lord.

Meet Karen Kellock

A NEW SOCIAL PSYCH -130 Books by Karen Kellock Ph.D. -Discovery: A new paradigm for the social sciences with a formula for a wide world audience: All disease is obstruction, all recovery is elimination. The new Social Psychology is presented in 60,000 proverbs in 130 books. “After reading Dr. Kellock’s theory you’ll be your own social engineer who can diagnose any psych problem”. Ray Graham Ph.D. Political Psychology (UCI) Postdoctoral: UCI School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry, NIMH/NIAAA Grants to develop a theory of System Pathology. Taught Abnormal Psychology and Pathological Systems Theory at Cal. State Universities. COMMENTS AND REVIEWS A new theory in social psychology: the tyranny of groups vs. the individual and an extremely unusual and unique presentation. Thrilling actually: Collective insanity, the contagion of lunacy. What does it take to be a champion standing out in a sea of sharks? That is the essence of the writings of Karen Kellock. Miguel Tellez, Boca Raton FL Disparate but interesting quips come together later in your mind: little releasors of old anchors from the past or the gutter. Robert Silverstein, Pahoa Hawaii The 130 book set by Karen Kellock Ph.D. is hard science presented in quip format. She is a maestro with words, all about the herds. The writing is subtle, witty, clever and powerful in machine-gun format. Koestler [1962] has noted the blending of art and science marks all rare discoveries. Her use of verse opens up new avenues of thought while forcing the new view. This makes the writing pithier with more depth and amplitude as it congers up higher worlds than the petty mundane greedy one around us. This the author does miraculously–never vacuously. –Mathew Egonsilini, Psychiatrist, Las Vegas Like getting your brain washed out with drano. James E. Ashton We love her sass! The lady has class! These books are fascinating, empowering and relieving. Karen Kellock has a vivid poetic imagination combined with rock-solid psychology producing a masterpiece theory with a simple formula. The clever quips double the impact of these unique principles producing relief from contradiction. At age 66 I had given up on myself but now a new vision explodes up before my happy eyes.–L.B. Minnesota She is set apart so she can write for us, the ones “still stuck in swill”. She sounds like she has a very “subtle” sense of humor–I always hear a trace of a smile in her words. This author was a fighter, a survivor in a “sea of sharks”. This author is so very different: Karen Kellock sounds like the character of her pen in rapid fire advancement of a new theory in the social sciences. Living in total solitude on her vast desert land, Oh my–it’s an archetypal figure. I always visualized heaven as separation into vastness–that’s this book as the author distinguishes between clear and dense. How very nice it would be to know more about her. How enriching. How inspiring. She suffered rejection by society, but no regrets, she’s a superstar created from mud. –Leisha Kahn, Cambridge In reading one of the chapters on the family system I found it a superb description, not to mention highly accurate. She was describing my life story and I felt validation as I read this incredible work–a validation I could never get from a professional (as the book describes). I’m guessing she wrote it based on her own life experiences. I went through this system she so fluently described yet I was simply searching for God. it was hard to let go of it all (the system etc..) but I did it. When you express your “simple yet creative” desires for spirituality and a joyful existence to a group like mine you lose. Well let me say again…fantastic book, I hope it has success so others can gain as I have. Fascinating imagery also–very genius expression. This book is desperately needed by a society such as ours. –Emilia Conroy, Los Angeles This writing sounds rich and inspiring using higher poetic images. The message, of course, is more important than the medium (terse verse and timed rhymes), but the medium enhances the message, and makes the author sound regal and distinctive, which I’m sure she must be, by virtue of doing such a unique work. These 103 books are exotic–works you will never forget–for I know she’s on to something big and beautiful for lost souls across the world. –Ricardo Navarro, Houston ��I am loving your Champion Guides with images–wow! It is surrealistic how your drawings combine with psychology and it makes the whole book come alive. Your new illustrated editions make the original written books rare collectibles. R. Rawley Boston –K, Rawley, Boston��