Freed by You

| March 5, 2014


Freed by You

‘Out of the darkness, there comes a light – a light so bright that I knew it could never dull.’

When student and single mother Emily Braxton lands herself a job at The Lounge, one of London’s most exclusive VIP clubs, she could never have predicted the way her life would change when she meets her new boss. The dangerously attractive Julian Scott is a highly successful entrepreneur and completely out of Emily’s league but she can’t ignore the invisible force that is drawing her closer to him, even when she sees the warnings that should have her fleeing.
But Emily has a secret, a single dark act that resulted in her light – her daughter, Maia. With Emily still haunted by the memories of her past and Julian’s sexual intensity and need for control, the couple begin to question their compatibility.
As Emily begins to adapt to her new life with Julian; her past threatens to tear the couple apart as her worst nightmares are in danger of becoming a reality. But, Julian isn’t going to stand aside to let that happen and his dark side reveals itself as he fights until the bitter end to protect what is his.
An intense, erotic love story accompanied by tense drama and gripping suspense as Emily and Julian’s passion for one another becomes their only protection.

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