Nick the Saint

| March 5, 2014


Nick the Saint

“Reading Anthony Szpak is easier than breathing.”

— Karen Russell, Pulitzer Prize finalist, author of Swamplandia

Forget everything you know about Santa Claus. This is the story of Nick the Saint.

America is in the throes of the Industrial Revolution. Profits are soaring as the country expands, but beneath the nation’s rise to power is the dirty secret of child labor. Cramped in factories, forced to work endless hours, children are even losing their lives.

Only one man is willing to stand against the corruption and greed. Nick the Saint is the story of a vigilante fighting to protect the sons and daughters of New York.

“Anthony Szpak’s magical myth reinvention Nick the Saint will leave even the most cynical of readers hard-pressed not to happily ditch all their normal defenses in exchange for the simple pleasure of warming themselves at the hearth of this courageously warmhearted retelling, one that Dickens would not only approve of, but gratefully applaud.”

— Michael J. White, author of Weeping Underwater Looks a Lot Like Laughter


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