Brain Like Twain: Improve Your Writing Skills

| March 6, 2014


Brain Like Twain: Improve Your Writing Skills In 30 Days Using Mark Twain's Secret Methods

One Part Writing Book. Two Gallons of Humor.

Brain Like Twain uses insight and anecdotes from Mark Twain’s life and work habits to reveal his secrets, so you can mimic the master and improve your own writing skills in 30 days.

Plus, more than 50 of Twain’s best quotes to entertain and impress your friends.

Fun & Easy Tip-A-Day Format

There’s a one-page lesson for each day of the month – and 10 Bonus Tips for chronic overachievers.

By unlocking the Brain of Twain, you’ll discover how to:

• Paint pictures with your words.

• Incite fury with your verbs.

• Create characters that make readers feel like they’re actually in the story.

At the end of each chapter, a “Brain Like Twain” assignment allows writers, students, and teachers (who must tame those little rascals) to apply the lessons they learned from Twain.

Even common writing advice takes on new meaning in the context of Twain’s insight and humor.

Perfect Gift For Any Twain-iac

Entertaining read. Awesome classroom supplement.

Brain Like Twain makes the perfect gift for any Twain-iac – or anyone who has ever needed to construct a sentence.

“I loved the humor and simplicity of the lessons. Other books on writing are very complicated and require so much time investment that my brain tends to melt.”

Mary Jo Stresky

Editor, The Write MoJo Literary Services

“Brain Like Twain’s structure makes for an easy read, and is fantastic fun for lovers of all things Twain.”

Todd Klick

Author, Something Startling Happens:

“Readers will enjoy anecdotes about Twain’s personal life and work habits, as well as Lloyd’s own sense of humor speckled throughout the narratives.”

Andrea Mattingly

Writer – Purdue University

Order BRAIN LIKE TWAIN today and improve your own writing skills in the next 30 days with the help of history’s greatest writing instructor…the Brain of Twain.


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