Gemini Moon (Lella York)

| March 6, 2014


Gemini Moon (Lella York)

From acclaimed author Maria Grazia Swan comes a story of suspense, romance, and psychological games that will leave you breathless…

When widow Lella York has her best friend’s astrology chart cast by a gypsy in Florence, Italy the last thing she expects to hear is that the chart belongs to a dead woman. But the prediction might already be true.

When Lella arrives home to Orange County, California, she learns that her best friend Ruby’s husband is dead and Ruby’s gone missing. Suddenly Lella’s whole world turns upside down. Her own son is arrested for kidnapping Ruby, no one knows if her friend is dead or alive, and no one is giving Lella the answers she so desperately needs. She’s forced to rely on a sexy on-leave homicide detective, who is quietly investigating the case. But when his interested in Lella seem to go far beyond the case, she can’t help wondering at his motives. Is he on her side… or is he seducing her to keep her in the dark? Lella follows her heart and is forced to face reality when the past and present collide, and seemingly unrelated deaths all fall into a sinister pattern. Has her soul always known the truth? Can her heart heal from the brutal wounds? And will Lella survive her connection to the exotic, dangerous woman born under a Gemini Moon?

What Critics are saying about Maria Grazia Swan’s books:

“If you like a lighthearted fun frolic set through a fresh voice, then this new series (Mina Calvi) by Swan will fulfill your needs and garner the author a new following.”

– Mark P. Sandler-Suspense Magazine

“By the end of the book, I was suspecting nearly every one of everything. Love Thy Sister is nicely done.

– Mary Lynn,,

“Swan has it down cold in her debut novel (Love Thy Sister): clean prose and a well-oiled plot make a compelling read.”

– Noreen Ayres, author of the Smokey Brandon series

“Swan’s fascinating characters, and the fast pace of this absorbing novel (Love Thy Sister) will keep you reading nonstop to the end.”

– Jude Morris, co-moderator – EPPRO (Electronically Published Professionals)

“You’ll never again be fooled by the quiet streets and apparent chaste serenity atmosphere of your local community. The setting for (Mating Dance) is Phoenix, where Swan is a writer, relationship advice columnist, matchmaker—and Realtor. Here are tales of love in unexpected places, of women with secret pasts and men who don’t know what they want—or what’s not good for them…”

– Las Vegas Review Journal, Debra McGuire


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