| March 7, 2014



So you want to be a writer? Over eighty percent of people surveyed believe they have a book in them, yet few pursue their writing dreams. While time and talent are essential, writing and finishing a book is more than just sitting down to the daily grind.

Writer’s candy dangles from paragraph to paragraph and is ripe for the picking in Write, Baby, Write. Sample delights include muse and creativity, finding your voice, keeping a word bank, the best time to write, story starters and other goodies only writers get excited about. Use the fresh strategies for your own novel-in-the-making as you glean inspiration from the greats. Famous quotes from outstanding authors are interspersed for motivation.

Are you ready to complete your writing masterpiece? There were times I honestly didn’t think I had it in me. At other times, nothing could stop me from writing. In Write, Baby, Write, I leave it all on the field. Fellow writers are invited along on my personal journey as we plug through the hard stuff in order to bask in the writing bliss sure to come. You, too, will discover many “Aha!” moments of assurance that you are on the right track.

This book is tailored to encourage both the beginning writer who needs a gentle push to start, and the seasoned writer suffering from a comparison syndrome. Writing and finishing a book which will outlive you can be one of life’s most fulfilling accomplishments. Now is the time to put the finishing touches on your work of art and see your writing dreams come true. For all writers and wanna-be writers, this book is for you!


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