Confessions of a Janissary: An Epic Tale of Military Historical Fiction and Medieval Action Adventure

**RATED FIVE STARS BY READERS’ FAVORITE!** It is the late 14th Century. The young Ottoman Empire is on the rise. The Sultan’s secret weapons are his elite Janissary soldier-slaves: Christian boys taken from their families, forcibly converted to Islam, and conscripted into a lifetime of military service to the Empire. Confessions of a Janissary is the epic journey of a boy who will become a man, a slave who will become a legend, a sworn celibate searching for his long-lost love, and a wandering sheep in need of a worthy shepherd. “A modern-day classic… engaging, insightful, and full of unexpected twists. A meticulous blend of historical realism and an adventurous, epic journey.” – Karen Petikyan

Meet Nicholas Downing

Nicholas Jonathon Downing is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy (Bachelor of Science, Military History), Regis University (Master of Business Administration), and Cornell University (Certificate in Executive Leadership). A combat veteran, Nick served with the 13th ASOS (USAF Special Warfare), commanded the 101st Airborne Division’s Joint MRT in Afghanistan, and deployed with CENTCOM to the Persian Gulf before completing his military service as a reservist assigned to NORAD/NORTHCOM. In late 2021, after a 4-year stint with Lockheed Martin as a senior division manager for space operations, Nick felt called to join the global ministry of Compassion International as senior director of enterprise execution. Happily married and a proud father of four beautiful children, Nick calls Colorado home and enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, rafting, martial arts, and biblical studies. In his own mind, he is considered one of the world’s leading experts in the art of telling really bad dad jokes.