My Wife is Missing: An unravelling twist of lies and deception

There are unexpected twists and unique characters in a gripping, exciting thriller about a husband who discovers his wife has gone missing, along with all he thought he knew about their lives around each other. Danny Thomas, a reporter in Dorney Park, Pennsylvania, is tense. His newspaper is exporting jobs to India, he can’t obtain a solid lead on the corrupt for-profit jail coming to town, and his wife, Kimberly, is suffering from depression. Danny and Kimberly decide to take their four-year-old kid, Peter, to a local theme park for a day of ice cream, carnival rides, and carefree fun as a much-needed respite. But the joy is swiftly replaced by fear as Peter goes missing within an hour of being at the park. Though he quickly discovers, worry turns to full-fledged dread when Kimberly vanishes. Danny is puzzled and worried, and he urgently searches for any sign that could clue him to his wife – straight if it means undoing a web of lies and deception that grows more difficult with each turn.

Meet Peter Hermann