Serpent’s Return

Serpent is the only one who can save Jet City. The problem is, nobody knows that she’s been murdered. When Alice discovers the legendary hero and her aunt were one and the same, she takes up the mantle and vows revenge. But in a city of masks, nothing is as it seems, not even vengeance. In her moment of triumph, Serpent almost kills the man she loves. Little does she know that she also just created a villain with a vendetta against all vigilantes. Now the city is held hostage by living nightmares that drive the innocent to dark deeds. Serpent realizes too late that the fight for the soul of a city will require more than her desire for revenge. It will require a heroes sacrifice. If superheroes and slow-burn romance are your preferred poison, then suit up and get the first book in The Vigilantes Superhero Universe now!

Meet Trish Heinrich