The Questionable Acts of an American Gentleman

The wooing of the lady was just for his ruthless plan, nothing more or so he thought… Lady Mercy never imagined an early morning chance encounter in Hyde Park with Jack Kincaide would tempt her to betray her betrothed. The mysterious American ignites a passion in Mercy that leads her to question the practical arrangement she made with her dear childhood friend, the Duke of Peyton. Would she really give it all up for Jack? What she doesn’t know is Jack has a shocking secret and their chance encounter is really the first step in his ruthless plan of revenge against the duke. Jack is so close to getting his revenge. Still, he can’t deny his immediate connection with Mercy or his unexpected feelings for her that grow deeper as they continue to spend time together. The more time they spend together, the more Jack questions his ruthless choices and how Mercy will see them when his secret is revealed. Is he capable of being a better man? Can he walk away from his desire for revenge? As he questions his choices, his explosive secret is revealed, devastating Mercy and shocking all of London.

Meet Ramona Elmes

About Me: I have always loved historical romance novels. These novels over the last 20 years have been my guilty pleasure and escape from everyday life. In 2019, inspired by all the writers I have read, I started writing my own tales of love in the Victorian era. Besides writing, I love to travel. I have traveled all over the U.S., Europe, and Central America. Next on my bucket list for traveling is Petra in Jordan, Tikal in Guatemala, and anywhere in Scotland. When not writing or traveling, I am normally at home relaxing in Maryland, not far from the bay with my husband, two accomplished step-daughters, one independent 7 year old, two old French bulldogs, and one very hyper large dog.