A Bend in Time & Pamasaw’s Song: Two Clean Paranormal Romances

Two Clean Paranormal Romances: A Bend in Time: Jenny McKenzie is a mystery to her entire village. The elderly woman is loved by all who know her, but nobody seems to know much about her. Her young friend, Kathleen, finally hears the whole story of who Jenny is and what she has lived. The question is, will Kathleen believe her story? Pamasaw’s Song: Amy is a young widow, trying to get over the loss of her husband. Then the appearance of a strange-looking man in her backyard sends her on a journey to find who he is. In the process, will she find out who she is meant to be, and lead her to a new love?

Meet C.M. Morgan

C. M. Morgan is the pseudonym of an author popular in another genre. His stories are paranormal romances–without all the gratuitous sex scenes found in so many others. Just good, clean enjoyable reading!