Pretty Killer

Revenge is served… Twelve people bound by a secret arrive for an exclusive dinner only to find that the other guests are familiar in the most troubling ways. Their host is a Hollywood star with glamour to spare and all the money in the world to spend on that most useful of hobbies: revenge and to answer the question, what happened to Casey Davis? And who’s to blame? Pretty Killer is Agatha Christie for the modern age (with some adult situations and language). It’s Truant & King at their duplicitous best, proving revenge isn’t always best when it’s cold — and sizzles when it’s piping hot.

Meet Nolon King

Nolon King writes smart psychological thrillers designed to leave you on the edge of your seat. His stories are dark, twisty, and often decidedly close to home. He’s not afraid to explore the darker side of human nature through stories featuring families torn apart by secrets and lies. If you enjoy reading authors like Darcey Bell and Harlan Coban, movies like A Simple Favor and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, or shows like Ozark and Dead to Me, you’ll love Nolon King. When not writing you will find Nolon drinking black coffee and observing humans in their natural habitats.