Powerhouse Women: Survivor to Thriver

When the darkness of trauma descends, when it feels like there is no end in sight, when the pain of experience is enough to splinter your soul, there is a choice to be made… And in that choice is a power so freeing, so life-changing, so empowering and inspirational, that nothing could ever again come close to breaking her. The choice to thrive in the wake of trauma. “Powerhouse Women: Survivor to Thriver” tells the stories of 10 incredible women, who have endured the most gruelling of circumstance but decided to emerge from the darkness, walk head held high into the light, and build their dreams. It showcases the mindset, tenacity, inner strength and courage needed to continue on, to choose ‘more than’, despite life unfolding in unpredictable ways. Inspiring and empowering, each one of these women will show you what it truly means to survive and the power to be found in choosing to thrive.

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