Journey to Zentobia

After ten-year-old Maggie Miller discovers her neighbor comes from another world she stumbles through a rainbow portal with her brother and embarks on a quest to stop the return of dark magic in this action-packed series opener. Perfect for fans of the Chronicles of Narnia and the Land of Stories series. Maggie never expected her first big case as an amateur detective to be investigating another world. But in a land where rain is orange, animals talk and shoes fly, discovering how to defeat the villain who is trying to conjure dark magic will be a challenge. A wrong turn in an underground tunnel leads Maggie to unearth a hidden book carving that could hold the answer to the future of magic and help unravel more clues about the secrets of Zentobia. And when new friends need help, she proposes a daring rescue attempt that takes her and her brother zipping across the world in high-speed flying shoes. Things take a surprising turn when they meet allies and hatch a plan to destroy the device that’s reviving dark magic. But following through with it could jeopardize their chance to get home. With the fate of the world in her hands, Maggie has never had to make a more important choice. Can the group succeed, or will Maggie and Peter get caught and remain stuck in Zentobia forever?

Meet Stacy DAlessandro

Stacy D’Alessandro is the author of the middle-grade fantasy/adventure series Journey to Zentobia. The books were inspired by her daughter on a trip to Disneyland. Before she became an author, she spent more than 25 years in the field of public relations and freelance writing. She lives in Las Vegas with her family and two rescue dogs.