Tempting the Unicorn

Unmarried, undesirable, and rejected by all… until she met the unicorn. Tempting the Unicorn is a steamy romance novel about Leah, a woman who thought she was too scarred to ever find love, and Kiran, a unicorn shifter who is determined to convince her otherwise. Caught up in the King’s plan to snare a male unicorn to pair with his captive mare, Leah and Kiran must use all their love and loyalty to survive together.

Meet R.J. Lyon

R.J. Lyon is a New Zealand author with a love of all things magical and romantic. She writes the kinds of stories she loves to read, with strong, warm-hearted women and the powerful, mythical men who love them. Expect her books to contain people who care about the world as much as each other, with steamy scenes and happy endings aplenty. Enjoy!