What’s Going On At UAardvark?

| March 9, 2014


What's Going On At UAardvark?

What’s Going On at UAardvark? is a fast-paced political satire about how an increasingly corporatized, modern American university becomes the site of a rambunctious rebellion that turns the nation’s campus life upside down.

Along the way, there are hilarious encounters with a playboy university president, bizarre U.S. military commanders, poetry-writing Hells Angels, foul-mouthed, decadent students, an unusually avaricious corporate titan, gun-toting “Christian Patriots,” a schizophrenic FBI director, hypocritical politicians, a witch-like union leader, and a host of other zany characters.  All in all, What’s Going On at UAardvark? sets readers off on a laugh-filled romp through what has become a serious issue in contemporary America:  the corporate takeover of higher education.

Lawrence S. Wittner, Professor of History emeritus at the State University of New York/Albany, is an award-winning writer and political activist who taught for 43 years on college and university campuses, in the United States and abroad.


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